Uned Melyn 2018 - 2019

Mrs Skellon

Early Years teacher



Language, Literacy & Communication Skills:

  • Guided reading sessions

  • Phonic sessions

  • Creating a recipe from the food items from the book Do you like Ketchup on your Cornflakes? And then actually making the recipe.

    Mathematical Development:

  • Money – looking at recognising and understand the value of 1p, 2p and 5p coins. Progressing further to 10p coins.

  • Using challenge shopping lists to find the items and pay with the correct money.

  • Positional and directional language.

    Knowledge & Understanding of the World:

  • Begin to recognise basic differences between their own locality and different parts of the world. Discuss our local area e.g. our school and shops and then comparing with images of schools and local areas in different parts of the world.

    Digital Development (ICT):

  • Creating their own animation strip using the computers and 2animate on the Purple Mash website.

  • Human Beebots – creating own algorithms (set of instructions) to direct their friends from one point to another e.g. from our classroom to the shop on the playground. Using key vocabulary phrases like ~ forward 1 step, backwards 2 steps, turn left and turn right.

    Creative Development:

  • Making different fruit shapes/ movements through dance.

  • Painting area available during Plan, Do and Review times.

    Physical Development:

  • Create a dance based on fruit.

    Welsh Language Development:

  • Helpwr Heddiw sessions

  • Focussed session looking at the questions Ble mae? (where is …?) and Pa Liw? (What colour?) and the Lliwiau vocabulary e.g Coch – Red, Melyn – Yellow, Gwyrdd – Green, Du – Black, Porffor – Purple, Oren – Orange, Gwyn – White, Glas – Blue, etc.

    Websites being used this week:






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