Full Day Care Provision

Setting the scene for learning
Once your child starts school, juggling work and childcare arrangements can become a real nightmare. Often it is difficult to find the right childcare arrangements that suit your needs. At Borras Park Primary School we believe that all parents should be able to access affordable childcare at or through their school from 8am to 6pm all year round.  

For some children, their first experience of being away from their home environment will be when they enter our setting to begin
their journey into education. For others, they will already be familiar with the sights, sounds and routines of life in a setting.
It is our responsibility to acknowledge the experiences each child brings to our setting, and to work in partnership with children and their parents and carers to support them as they enter this new and exciting chapter in their development.

By creating a space that reassures and comforts children, we can begin to recognise and respond to the unique background and needs of each child, and children feel safe and secure.

Full Day Care Provision does exactly what it says, it provides a wraparound Child Care facility to the existing educational provision in school thus providing a full day care service for Parents and Carers to allow them more flexibility on how they manage their day. Our Full Day Care provision is a Charitable Organisation (CIO) run for children in our school by the Full Day Care staff, some  of whom work in both settings thus ensuring the children are already familiar with the staff, and it is managed by a Committee of Trustees.


All children need to be registered with the club and payments must be received in advance with the booking. An up to date price list is available on request.

If there are more than 2 children in one family, the third child is free.

How do I know my child will be safe and secure?

We are inspected every year by a Care Inspectorate Wales inspector. The CIW regulate and inspect day care services for children up to the age of 12 years.  All childcare settings looking after children under the age of 12 and operating for more than 1 hour and 59 minutes must be registered with the CIW. The main aim of registration is to promote quality and to protect children, ensuring that they are cared for in safe and suitable surroundings. All staff are subject to DBS enhanced police checks.

 A childcare setting must meet the CIW National Minimum Standards before registration can be granted.

The CIW will continue to inspect the setting(s) to ensure the Responsible Individual is continuing to meet the National Minimum Standards and Regulations when operating.

The National Minimum Standards are published on the National Assembly for Wales website www.wales.gov.uk/cssiw  You can also obtain a hard copy by contacting your regional CIW office.

Full Day Care Provision means that we also offer a wrap around Nursery provision for children aged 3-4 to provide full day care for children who attend part time Nursery in school should parents wish to use this facility. See our Nursery Plus page below and you can see regular updates on our Facebook page. Click on the link below.

Full Day Care Facebook page


All bookings and payments must be received in advance. Please make sure that you book your child for the sessions you need in advance, in order to ensure that a place is available. Booking is now completed online. See below.

Further details and prices can be obtained from the Full Day Care Manager.

Please click on the links below to find out how you can make the most of your Child Care and benefit from tax relief as a working parent.

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