Smart School Council

At Borras Park Primary School we are proud to have a Smart School Council which is different from our previous School Council

The key ethos is that every child has a voice and any idea is worth sharing.


  • School council meetings are held in every classroom which means every child’s voice is heard
  • The Communication Team then collate the results, look for actions and set new questions. 
  • Even if children aren’t on the Communication Team, they still have the opportunity to make a difference by joining an Action Team enabling them to lead change. 
  • Action teams explore the feasibility of introducing change, giving ownership of projects to the children. 
  • We already have strong action teams which work independently of the Communication Team - they are the Digital Leaders, Criw Cymraeg, Sports Council and the Eco Committee.
  • Moving forward we intend to develop further pupil led action teams


To find out more, you can visit Smart School Councils here: 

We look forward to sharing with you the exciting ideas the children wish to explore to make our school even better. 

Smart School Council

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