School Uniform

At Borras Park Community Primary School we are proud of our School Uniform. The school has built up a very good standard of dress and you are asked to do your best to maintain this.


  • Grey pinafore dress or skirt

  • White polo shirt or shirt, 

  • Dark grey jumper or Dark grey cardigan 

  • Yellow and white check dress (Summer)

  • Grey trousers or culottes
  • White or grey socks/tights, Black shoes or sandals

  • Grey trousers/shorts, 


  • Black shorts, Yellow T-shirt, 

  • Pumps (not trainers), Socks

  • Pump bag

Jewellery and Personal Belongings

Children should not wear any jewellery in school because of the danger of accidents that may be caused to themselves or others in physical and practical areas of the curriculum.

There can be no guarantee for the safe keeping of any valuable personal belongings in school.

Click on the link below to access School Uniform: 


 Uniform may be ordered online and picked up from school or from the shop in Penley.

Be Kind,Be Respectful,Be Your Best

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