Communication Team

What is a Communication Team?

Our Communication Team is a  group of pupils who have taken over the running of the Smart School Council Model.

We created our Communication Team by turning our existing school council into one after holding an election and application process.

Our Communication Team don't act like a traditional school council. This means they don't decide and do everything themselves. Their main job is to run the model and encourage as many pupils as possible to get involved.

Each member of the Communication Team takes on a particular role.

They help to run the Smart School Council model in the school and facilitate communication.

A typical Communications Team might include 10-20 students. Ours has slightly more at 26

Their job is to communicate and facilitate rather than doing things for people.

They're the communicators

The Communication Team works well if it's made up of pupils who are confident communicators.

But there's a difference...

They don't act like a traditional school council. They're not the students who do everything.

Smart School Council involves every pupil. The Communication Team's job is to facilitate, encourage and communicate involvement. They don’t represent their class.

They each have a role

Each member of the Communication Team takes on a particular role and they work in pairs to fulfil their role.

They meet regularly to look at class meeting results, plan actions, support Action Teams and find new questions.

Meetings are moving away from everyone sitting in a circle with the teacher chairing (like a traditional school council meeting). It's better when the pupils get together to work on their jobs, share ideas and get things done! Or it could be an update on what's been happening since the last meeting.


Our Communication Team below make this happen........


Mia Y6  000849.jpg Y6   000562.jpg  Y6  000852.jpg Y6 000502.jpgY6 

000513.jpgY5    000520.jpg Y5       000529.jpgY5   000543.jpg Y5 

Nathan.jpgY4    000592.jpgY4          James.jpg Y4  000926.jpg  Y4 

000689.jpg Y3    000673.jpg Y3       000666.jpg Y3   000694.jpg Y3 

000776.jpgY2       000777.jpgY2       000736.jpgY2    000759.jpgY2 000729.jpgY2  

000814.jpgY1       000862.jpg Y1      000843.jpgY1     000827.jpgY1 


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