Pupil absence


Please let us know if your child is unable to attend school for any reason, either via a telephone call, e-mail or a note to the class teacher. If you fail to inform us of the reason for absence you will receive a phone call asking you to let us know the reason your child is not in school.

If you fail to inform us of the reason for absence an "unauthorised absence" may be registered.

Please let us know in advance if you need to take your child out of school during normal school hours by sending a note or seeing the class teacher. You can then call at the school office at the pre-arranged time to collect your child.

All children who arrive late must be signed in at the office, and similarly children who are collected early must be signed out. No child will be allowed to leave the premises during school time unaccompanied.

Children must never be collected from the playground at playtime or lunchtime.



School is only able to authorise 10 days for term-time holiday where it is viewed that the family have no alternative. Any further holidays will be recorded as an unauthorised absence. School will not authorise holidays where there is an ongoing history of poor attendance, as this will be detrimental to your child's education.

If your child's attendance is consistently good and you have no alternative except to book a holiday during the school term you will need to complete the holiday form below:


Exemplar Material EWS Attendance Framework 11.7 Holidays in Term Time Poster English


Attendance percentages

Actual Attendance out of a possible 190 days

Whole days absent

Learning hours lost


96% - 100%

182-190 days

0-8 days

0-40 hours

Acceptable but some concern

93% - 95%

176 – 180 days

10 – 14 days

50 – 70 hours


90% – 92%

171 – 175 days

15 – 19 days

Almost 4 weeks

75 – 95 hours


Serious concern

Below 90%

170 days

20 days

100 hours

Plus 5 for every days absence

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