Head lice are only transmitted by direct, prolonged, head-to-head contact.

Transmission of lice within the classroom is relatively rare. When it does occur, it is usually from a "best friend".

If you find that your child has headlice we advise concerned parents to seek the professional advice of the school nurse, the family practice or the local pharmacist.

They will provide appropriate information including instructions on proper diagnosis by detection combing, the avoidance of unnecessary or inappropriate treatments, and the thorough and adequate treatment of definitely confirmed infections of headlice and their contacts using a chemical lotion.

Parents are asked to regularly check their children’s head for headlice and to inform the school as soon as possible if headlice are found The child should not attend school whilst they are being treated in order that the lice are not passed on to others in school.

Parents are able to access further information on what should be done to treat them by clicking on the link below . Please be assured that should your child be infected the matter will be dealt with sensitively by the school.

Headlice advice   

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